Class: Nullification, Answering the Objections


Left, Right, and Center – the so-called experts agree. They hate nullification. This course handles their claims.

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Left, Right, and Center – the so-called experts agree.  They hate nullification.  This course handles their claims.

Want to knock those rebuttals right out of the park?  Interested in the nitty gritty of what Madison had to say, then say later on in life?  Thinking about what Esquire Mag, or Think Progress, or the Heritage Foundation have said about Nullification?


Nullification, Answering the Objections – will get you the tools you need.   This is a 2 hour live, online course hosted by the Tenth Amendment Center.

–Nullification Answering the Objections – “Experts” across the political spectrum slam on nullification as “unconstitutional,” a “failure,” “radical,” “racist” – and more.  We’ve been compiling these arguments for a number of years, and will give you the answers you need to respond.

–Live Q/A – a full, live interactive question and answer segment with you and the educator, Michael Boldin
Michael Boldin is emerging as one of the nation’s leading constitutional activists.  As the founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center, he’s been educating people on the constitution for years.  And, more importantly, the TAC’s Nullify Now! tour has been teaching people the answer to “what now?” as well.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of the Nullification argument in history and today.

All the following questions can be answered with a big NO – and we’ll show you how and why:

–James Madison never supported nullification?  And, he denounced it near the end of his life?
–Nullification was used to support slavery?
–Nullification was invented in the 19th century by John C. Calhoun?
–Nullification has been a total failure?
–and more!

Once you’re through with this course, you’ll have the answers.  This highly-specific Nullification course will help you on your road to liberty.

Here’s how the course works.

At the beginning of the session, you’ll be given a course outline that will walk you through the new training material.  These training materials will be available ONLINE enabling you to go through them anytime you want.

This means the course materials actually work around YOUR schedule instead of the other way around!

AND, you won’t be alone!  One of the benefits of this course is that this is a group study.  You’ll be participating with a small group of other people who, like you, want to learn – and take action NOW to stand up for liberty.

So, not only will you get answers to your own questions in our second segment – the live Question and Answer session – you’ll also benefit from the answers to questions other participants ask.

The course is hosted by GoToTraining – an advanced Webinar hosting service – where you’ll get full access to interact live with Michael.  And, if you’re not able to make the LIVE event, you’ll still get all the benefits because the course will be recorded for all participants!  (sent 1-3 weeks after the course is completed)  And, if you have questions, you’ll have the opportunity to submit them in advance where they can be answered during the live session.


The participants of this course will get the help they need, regardless of what their own personal schedule or educational history looks like.

Most of the material covered in this seminar has been crafted over the years into very through tutorials, so you’ll get the benefit of years of work and experience in one short, introductory session.


The price.  Our goal at the Tenth Amendment Center is to educate and activate, so you won’t have to worry about paying for expensive materials or facilities – or high-priced professors, either.  Most of those would never want you to learn this information anyway!

There are a limited number of seats available in this course, and they will fill quickly.


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If you have any questions, you can contact Michael at

We look forward to seeing you in the next session of Nullification, Answering the Objections!!