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Minimum:  $2.00 / month

We can ONLY succeed with your help and the financial support needed to take on all unconstitutional federal acts!  Your membership support is our lifeline – the essential foundation needed for us to expand and grow. THANK YOU for considering a membership today! (annual memberships available at this link)

Choose your own monthly amount, starting at just $2/month!

The TAC monthly membership – will activate your membership online. You’ll get full access to our members-only website where you can read our books, view our videos and documentary films, comment on posts, and download just about everything you can find.

TAC Monthly Member Benefits:

  • Members-only website access:
    • view and download TAC films
    • view and download TAC special report videos
    • read and download a full collection of TAC books
    • submit blogs for publication on the TAC website
    • comment on posts.
  • Monthly Members-Only email newsletter (separate from our regular updates)
  • Also available in 5 year, lifetime and yearly packages

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Your member support helps us continue the pressure for the Constitution and liberty.  It helps us cover our base expenses every month.  And, it helps us reach new people through advertising and direct outreach.

Wear the Tenther label with pride, and know that your membership supports the nation’s only organization dedicated to the Founders’ Constitution – and taking concrete steps to reject and nullify all unconstitutional federal acts.

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