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We cannot succeed with out your help, and the funding to mount principled and effective campaigns against unconstitutional “laws,” regulations and mandates. We do not (and will not) accept government grants or contracts, nor do we have an endowment or any corporate backing.

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Tom Woods speaks at Nullify Now in Ft. Worth Texas. Sept., 2010

Tom Woods speaks at Nullify Now in Ft. Worth Texas. Sept., 2010


Hello, I’m Michael Boldin, founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center. In 2006, when I registered the domain name, my goal was simple: Change the minds of people by writing about the endless litany of constitutional violations from the federal government.

With less than $100 bucks, I thought to myself – even if I reach just a handful of people, my time and money will be worth it.

Here we are just a few years later, and the TAC has already accomplished far more than I ever imagined. Instead of a one-person blog, it has grown in a national movement, supported by team members and volunteers all over the country.

Me, on CBS This Morning this year discussing our bills to turn off water to the NSA

Me, on CBS This Morning this year discussing our bills to turn off water to the NSA

I hope you’ll consider putting your financial faith and backing into taking the Tenth Amendment Center to the next level.

Individual liberty is a team effort, and together we can win.

Thank you!


Michael Boldin

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**Gifts to are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. 

Why? Based on our principles – we won’t accept any government handouts, bribes, or tax discounts to partner with the organization we’re working to limit. We believe in freedom of action and equal treatment for all organizations. Thus, we see the tax “benefits” (at risk of giving up freedom to operate and express free speech) offered to some organizations to be unfair, unequal, and unacceptable.

The feds tell us that 501c3 and other non-profit groups are serving the community and deserve to be tax exempt. But doesn’t your neighborhood plumber or carpenter or grocer also serve the community? We think so. Therefore, we stay “for-profit” and will never get handouts or grants from those looking for benefits from Washington D.C.

Please stand with us!

  • The Tenth Amendment Center has done more than anyone in the world to advance the Jeffersonian principle of nullification.
    Tom Woods
  • The nullification effort by the Tenth Amendment Center has had a lot of success.
    Kevin Gutzman
  • I would encourage you to go to the Tenth Amendment Center and learn more about your 10th Amendment rights.
    Chuck Norris
  • Michael, this has been one of the best interviews I've ever done. It's like talking to a life-long friend just based on how we view things.
    Jack Spirko