DVD: Nullify Season 2

Learn how to stop the feds, without waiting on the federal government to limit itself.

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Following the success of Nullify Season 1 (get it here), Nullify Season 2 is all about building a framework to get the job done. Using examples from pre-revolutionary times through today, learn what kind of strategy should be used to stop the feds. And, see how it can be implemented on 10 federal programs today.

Part 1: We examine an effective strategy for nullification. By looking at both historical and modern examples, we put together a blueprint of action to stop the federal government today. You’ll learn some amazing stories they don’t teach you in school about resistance to centralized power. There’s a common theme from Patrick Henry, Sam Adams, to movements in current times – and it’s one that can be used successfully right now.

Part 2: We take this strategy and explain how to implement it on ten major federal programs. Yes, that means what steps to take against federal gun control, the federal reserve, the surveillance state, asset forfeiture, and more. You’ll have the tools you need to get the ball rolling right now.

23 videos, ranging from approximately 2-4 minutes each.

Total runtime: 1 hour, 4 minutes.

Shipping: DVDs are packed individually in a black paper sleeve, reducing its size and inventory footprint over traditional DVD boxes and cases. They are shipped with protective bubble wrap mailers to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

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