DVD: Nullify Season 1

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Some people – including mainstream politicians and pundits from both the left and right – believe that nullification is illegal, has never been successful, has only been attempted in support of slavery, and was opposed by James Madison. As this DVD show, that view is a crock.

Crafted as an educational program for the social-media generation, this series of 25, 2-4 minute videos is a powerful tool to share the essentials of nullification.

Rather than in a big, bulky DVD retail case, packaging is in a white DVD sleeve, making it easy to hand out to others.

In NULLIFY!, you will learn:

  • About real, practical examples of successful nullification efforts in the 19th and 20th centuries, and today
  • How Thomas Jefferson and James Madison viewed nullification in a similar light, and where they differed
  • The difference between “legal” and “practical” nullification
  • How nullification was used against slavery, not for it
  • That Madison was for nullification even in writings the experts cite to claim he rejected it
  • About smart strategy being an important part of the process
  • Madison’s strategic plan for states and individuals, and how even the Supreme Court regularly backs him up
  • That the “Principles of ’98” didn’t nullify anything, and were intended as just a starting point
  • How to easily refute some of the most common objections to nullification

Nullify! is a timeless work. It gives you the tools you need to understand how nullification can be used – so you can help others put it into practice. Produced in a style readily understandable by the average person, this DVD certainly will be an indispensable part of your personal library.

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